What Are the Common Signs of an Unhappy Marriage?


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Common signs of an unhappy marriage include that the couple dreads spending quality time together and that only one partner prioritizes the relationship. In addition, public arguments and disagreements that seem to repeat are additional signs of an unhappy marriage.

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In a happy marriage, couples look forward to things like date night or staying in to watch a movie together. Similarly, a person should not enjoy spending time with friends more than her partner. In a happy marriage, time with a partner is a priority, not a chore. When one or both people dislike the thought of one-on-one time, or if they actively try to avoid date night with excuses and obligations, it's a sign that the marriage is unhappy.

Likewise, if only one partner plans date night or makes the appointments with the marriage counselor, it's a sign that the marriage is broken. Because each partner needs to stay emotionally present in a relationship, it may be hard to salvage a relationship when one person doesn't want to make the time and emotional investments necessary to improve the relationship. This includes making time for physical intimacy.

In addition, public fighting is a sign that each person has dislike or contempt for the other, because neither person respects the other or the marriage enough to keep from public disagreements. In an unhappy marriage, even small issues lead to bickering. Fighting about small issues often indicates underlying resentment. In particular, fights about money or sex often indicate a breakdown in the emotional connection of a relationship.

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