What Are the Common Signs and Symptoms of a Hernia?

Typical symptoms of a hernia include a heavy feeling in the abdomen, swelling in the groin, and discomfort in the abdomen or groin regions, especially when coughing, lifting or bending over, according to WebMD. However, some people experience no symptoms and only realize that they have this condition during medical checkups, notes Mayo Clinic.

A hernia is a rupture in smooth tissue through which an organ protrudes or pushes through. It is mainly common in the abdomen, groin regions, belly button and upper thigh. Common types include inguinal, hiatal and umbilical hernias, according to Healthline.

The time a hernia takes to develop depends on its causes, which relate to muscle weakness and strain. Common causes include chronic coughing, damage from an injury or surgery, and the inability of the wall of the abdomen to close properly. Risk factors include pregnancy, constipation, weight lifting and gaining weight, explains Healthline.

The patient should seek medical attention if there is a painful or noticeable bulge on the pubic bone or in the groin or if there is other evidence of a hernia. The patient can feel the bulge by touching the affected area or notice it when standing upright, explains WebMD. It is possible to push a hernia back into the abdomen when lying down.