What Are Some Common Signs and Symptoms of Autism?


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Some signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder include having obsessive interests, repetition of words or phrases, delayed or impaired speech and failure to establish friendships with age-appropriate mates. Autism spectrum disorder is a disability caused by differences in the brain, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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What Are Some Common Signs and Symptoms of Autism?
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Autism spectrum basically has an effect on how children view and relate to others. This in turn leads to complications with regards to behavior, communication and social interaction, notes Mayo Clinic. In some children the condition may be mild while in others it becomes severe.

Children with this condition may fail to respond to their names or seem unaware of the person communicating to them. These children tend to favor being alone and avoid things like cuddling or close contacts. Autistic children have a difficult time understanding other people's feelings and may have difficulty expressing their own.

Another common sign of autism involves repetitive behavior. This may include saying the same word repeatedly or engaging in activities, such as rocking and spinning. They may have peculiar eating habits such as preferring certain types of food only. Such children generally resist change and are uncooperative.

This condition has no known cause but is believed to exist in people with certain genetic properties and shared environmental factors. Treatment options available for this condition include family therapy, educational therapy, behavior and communication therapy and certain medications.

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