What Are Some Common Signs and Symbols for First Aid?


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A white cross sign on a green background, an exit sign and a fire extinguisher sign are some common signs and symbols for first aid. A hospital road sign and a sign for the defibrillator are also signs that may be seen near or within a hospital.

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A white cross on a green background or a red cross on a white background is a universal symbol for first aid. The American Red Cross uses the red cross as its official protective symbol, but it is also used by many health care service providers and ambulances. The white cross on a green background, on the other hand, is commonly used to label first-aid kits and any equipment that can provide initial treatment to a person suffering from an injury or illness before any actual help arrives.

First aid location signs indicate locations where a first aid can be taken or directions to a safe place in case of an emergency. An exit sign with an image of a person running towards an exit directs people to a door where a safe exit is available. An image of a fire extinguisher with arrow signs directs to general location of a fire extinguisher, while an image of an extinguisher with a cylinder shows that it is a cylinder that can be used to extinguish a fire.

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