What Are Some Common Signs of Cheating in Relationships?

What Are Some Common Signs of Cheating in Relationships?

Taking a renewed interest in one's appearance, being evasive, being secretive, showing less interest in physical intimacy, and guarding cellphones and passwords all signify that a partner may be cheating. Hiding credit card statements, especially if they display purchases from chain restaurants, is another telling sign. These characteristics are often displayed by someone who has found a new love interest that he or she is trying to hide from a significant other.

It is a fact that even people in happy relationships cheat, and it is often with someone they already know. Taking a renewed interest in one's own appearance without caring whether or not the partner notices is often a sign that the person is trying to impress a new love interest, even if they haven't met anyone new.

Evasiveness and secrecy when asked by the partner where one has been, or who he or she was with, is a sign that the true answer will cause friction in the relationship, and cheating may be the reason.

Those cheating often display less physical interest toward the primary partner when they are engaged in infidelity in an effort to be semi-faithful to the person with whom they are cheating.

Guarding cellphones and passwords so that one's partner does not see phone activity, emails or social media notifications often signifies cheating as well.

In addition, credit card statements can display signs of cheating, especially if there are a number of purchases from places that the partners do not typically frequent together.