What Are Some Common Side Effects of Topamax?


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Common side effects of Topamax include confusion, dizziness, nervousness, menstrual changes and weight loss, according to WebMD. Other common side effects are fever, double vision, troubled speech, chronic sleeping difficulties and memory loss.

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Topamax, an anticonvulsant, treats seizures in adults and children over the age of 2. Doctors also sometimes prescribe it to prevent migraine headaches, states Drugs.com. Topomax brings about suicidal thoughts in certain people, and it may also increase the acidity level in the blood, which can cause kidney stones, lead to weak bones, harm an unborn baby or affect the growth in children.

People who are allergic to topiramate should not take Topamax, notes Drugs.com. To ensure the safety of this medication, patients with conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and severe breathing problems should inform a doctor before using this medication. Pregnant women should not start or stop taking this medication without consulting a advice. Topamax can raise the risk of cleft palate and cleft lip in newborns, and it can seep into breast milk and cause harm to a nursing baby.

Patients taking Topamax should follow their doctor’s instructions regarding dosage and length of treatment, explains Drugs.com. Doctors sometimes change the dose to achieve better results.

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