What Are Some Common Side Effects of Laser Liposuction?


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Common side effects of laser liposuction include swelling, bruising, numbness and soreness of the treated area and irritation and scarring at the incision site, according to WebMD. Additionally, people may experience baggy or rippling skin that usually tightens after a few months.

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What Are Some Common Side Effects of Laser Liposuction?
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Additional possible side effects include a permanent change in the color of a person's skin, states WebMD. Some people may also experience an uneven skin surface at the site of the procedure. Rarely, laser liposuction results in nerve damage to the skin as a result of the heat of the procedure. A person may also develop fat deposits in different areas than where fat removal took place. These places may be around organs, such as the heart or liver, and may be dangerous.

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