What Are Some Common Side Effects of Anatabine?


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Since anatamine is sold as an ingredient in dietary supplements that are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, there has been little evidence as to its side effects, according to Consumer Health Digest. Some users reports dizziness with high doses of the product.

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Anatamine is the primary ingredient in Anatabloc, a dietary supplement sold in health food stores. The manufacturer of Anatabloc claims that the substance possesses anti-inflammatory qualities, reports Consumer Health Digest. Anatabloc is promoted as a remedy for chronic pain in conditions such as arthritis.

Anatamine is a natural alkaloid found in tobacco, eggplant, potatoes and other plants in the Nightshade family, according to the National Academy of Hypothyroidism. It is chemically similar to nicotine. Early studies indicate that the substance has potential benefits in the treatment of thyroid disease.

Anatabloc claims to work by regulating C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation, according to the National Academy of Hypothyroidism. Some clinical trials have reported promising results in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions other than thyroid diseases.

In high doses, anatamine has been reported to cause dizziness, headaches and nausea, according to Dentistry IQ. However, preliminary studies indicate that side effects are usually easily controlled by adjustment of dosages.

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