What Are Common Side Effects After Surgery for a Hernia?


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Common side effects following hernia surgery listed by the Florida Hospital System include shoulder pain, considerable pain at the surgical site, and lightheadedness due to leftover anesthesia. Some complications can occur after surgery, including recurrence, hematomas, swelling in the scrotum, and infection, reports eMedicineHealth.

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Pain at the site of surgery is common, according to the Florida Hospital System. A surgical patient should not use drugs other than those recommended by his physician, as some drugs can cause unnecessary post-surgery internal bleeding. In addition, anesthesia can remain in a patient's system for up to a week, and a patient should use caution when operating a motor vehicle or machinery. Joint pain, specifically in the shoulder, is common as carbon dioxide is used in hernia surgery and remains in the abdomen post surgery. This pain is temporary and normally fades after several days. The following symptoms are abnormal and require immediate medical attention: vomiting, fever, difficulty urinating and swelling around incisions.

The inability to urinate is a common complication of hernias in the groin, reports eMedicineHealth. Fluid accumulation in the scrotum can occur as well as significant bruising. In some rare cases, damage occurs to one of the testicles. Recurrence of the hernia happens occasionally; these hernias do not respond well to surgical treatment.

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