What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Adderall in Adults?


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The most common side effects of Adderall in adults includes difficulty sleeping, restlessness, dry mouth, stomach pain and nausea, according to National Institutes of Health. Other side effects include uncontrollable shaking in parts of the body, nervousness, changes in sex drive, weight loss and stomach pain.

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Adderall is the brand name for dextroamphetamine and is commonly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults, as noted by WebMD. Patients with a history of heart attacks, glaucoma, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and mental illness should avoid taking Adderall. Since this medication can become habit-forming, it is important for patients to take Adderall exactly as prescribed by the doctor and avoid sharing the medication with anyone else.

Some serious side effects can occur when taking Adderall. These include fast pounding heartbeat, seizures, mania, hallucinations, hostile behavior and difficulty breathing. Patients who experience any serious side effects when taking Adderall should seek emergency medical attention.

Discontinuing Adderall use completely can lead to withdrawal symptoms which include sleep difficulties, severe mood changes, depression and severe tiredness, according to WebMD. If patients wish to stop using Adderall, they should consult their doctor to determine the best way to get off the medication safely, if necessary. Many doctors will gradually cut the patient's dosage of the medication down and carefully monitor them during the process to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

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