What Are Some Common Scalp Problems?


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Dandruff is a common scalp problem that is chronic and causes flaking of the skin, and while it is rarely a serious condition, some people may have difficulty treating it, notes Mayo Clinic. Scalp psoriasis is a common scalp disorder that causes reddish patches of skin that are often scaly, states WebMD.

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Dry, irritated or oily skin, not washing hair regularly, and sensitivity to hair care products are some of the causes of dandruff, according to Mayo Clinic. People with dandruff may have itchy scalps in addition to flaking, oily pieces of skin in their hair that may fall to their shoulders. Indoor heating may worsen the condition as it dries the scalp, while people may see an improvement in the summer months. Most people with dandruff can control it by washing their hair daily with gentle shampoo, while those with more serious dandruff may need to use medicated shampoos.

Doctors estimate that scalp psoriasis affects about 3.75 million Americans, who suffer from raised reddish patches of skin on their heads that may also be scaly, notes WebMD. People who have scalp psoriasis usually also have the condition on another part of their bodies, and while it may be mild, it is sometimes long-lasting and can lead to thick, crusty sores. People with scalp psoriasis may experience flaking similar to that associated with dandruff, silvery-white scales, red bumpy patches, burning and hair loss related to chronic scratching.

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