What Are the Most Common Root Canal Complications?


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The most common complications of a root canal are new infections of the tooth or the bony areas surrounding it, states WebMD. This can happen when a crack in the tooth goes undetected and allows bacteria in. It can also occur when one of the root canals is missed and remains uncleaned. A defective restoration can allow bacteria in, and even a properly done restoration can break down over time and lose its seal.

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Endodontists can sometimes treat a new infection in and around a tooth after a root canal procedure with a second root canal, but sometimes surgery is required, WebMD explains. One procedure for this purpose is the root-end resection. This procedure removes the infected tissue, sometimes including the ends of the tooth roots, and may include adding a filling to the root canal to seal it. If the tooth is not salvageable, it must be removed. Dentists often use bridges, partial dentures or dental implants to replace lost teeth.

A root canal is a procedure that treats a tooth that is badly decayed or infected, says WebMD. It removes the nerves and the pulp from within the tooth. Untreated infections in the tooth can lead to abscesses and loss of bone from around the tooth.

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