What Are Some Common Repair Procedures for Bone Fractures?


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To repair a bone fracture, doctors surgically place the bone back in place and then use either a bone graft or screws, a metal plate or pins to hold the bone in position, states the New York Times. Bone grafts can assist in the healing process.

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Once the patient is under anesthesia, a surgeon makes a cut over the injured bone and places it in the correct position. Damaged blood vessels are repaired by being cauterized or tied off. If the fracture resulted in major bone loss, the surgeon may opt to perform a bone graft, notes The New York Times.

A bone graft uses bone from another part of the patient's body, usually the hip. A donor can also give the piece of bone, reports Healthline. This section of bone replaces the lost bone fragments.

If a graft is not necessary, the surgeon uses metal screws, a plate or pins to keep the bone in place. Depending on the injury, the hardware can be temporary or permanent, explains Healthline.

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