What Are Some Common Reasons Women Gain Weight After High School?


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One of the reasons women gain weight after high school is the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle. When they attend college or university, women who were previously active may focus more on their schoolwork and less on physical activities such as sports, which causes them to pile on extra pounds, notes Self Growth.com. Unhealthy eating choices such as indulging in fatty, high-calorie foods in college lead to accumulation of fat in the body, says the Houston Chronicle.

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After marriage, some women tend to eat more when they become comfortable in their relationships, which causes them to gain weight, notes Diet Bites. Pregnancy gives women the green light to indulge in food, which alters their eating habits and translates to extra pounds, says SelfGrowth.com. Poor sleeping habits at school or after childbirth decrease energy levels and increase cravings for sugary foods, which are responsible for weight gain.

Women tend to mature earlier than men, and their rate of metabolism slackens upon maturity. However, their habits remain the same, and their bodies start accumulating extra calories, cautions SelfGrowth.com. Fatty tissue replaces muscles in a woman’s body as she ages, leading to a build-up of calories and weight gain over time, says Diet Bites. Stress related to relationships, work, spouses or college causes the body to release cortisol, a stress hormone that raises a woman’s appetite and drives her to eat more, says WebMD.

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