What Are Some Common Reasons a Tongue Is Numb?

The most common cause of tongue numbness is nerve damage, according to MedicineNet. This damage can be a complication of a dental procedure, such as wisdom tooth extraction. Stroke and other nerve conditions can also cause tongue numbness.

One common cause of numbness in the tongue is damage to the lingual nerve, according to MedicineNet. This damage can occur during oral surgery or dental procedures, such as the fitting of dental implants or root canal procedures. A tongue piercing can also cause nerve damage that causes temporary or permanent numbness in the tongue, according to Mouth Healthy.

Other causes of tongue numbness include brain conditions such as stroke, according to MedicineNet. These conditions can also cause tingling in the tongue and affect other parts of the mouth, such as the lips or jaws.

Tongue numbness is a possible symptom of oral cancer, as reported by Everyday Health. This condition has many other common symptoms, including pain in the tongue and other parts of the mouth, red or white patches or bumps in the mouth, or problems with swallowing and chewing. People who have any of these symptoms for more than two weeks should see a dentist to find out what is causing them.