What Are Some Common Reasons for Shoulder Joint Pain?


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Arthritis, torn cartilage, torn rotator cuff, pinched nerves and a dislocated shoulder are common reasons for shoulder joint pain. A broken arm, frozen shoulder, shoulder separation or dislocation, and a spinal cord injury are also reasons for shoulder joint pain, according to Healthline.

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The shoulder is a combination of several joints with tendons and muscles that give the arm range of motion, explains OrthoInfo. Bursitis, instability, arthritis and fractures cause most shoulder joint problems. Bursitis causes the shoulder tissues to become inflamed, making daily activities painful. Tendinitis wears down the tendon over time, and instability occurs when the arm is forced out of the shoulder socket. Osteoarthritis causes tightening and stiffening in the shoulder, while fractures cause swelling and bruising.

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