What Are the Most Common Rashes for Children?


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Some of the most common rashes that affect children are hives, heat rash, insect bites, eczema, contact rash and ringworm, according to Ask Dr. Sears. Other common rashes result from bacterial infections and rashes caused by viral diseases, reports eMedicineHealth,

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What Are the Most Common Rashes for Children?
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In children, hives are very common and can occur as a result of an allergic reaction to things such as soap, foods and medications, states Ask Dr. Sears. Hives manifest as welts on body parts like the trunk or extremities. Symptoms of a heat rash are small red pimples that can occur due to a combination of sweat and heat. Atopic eczema is also common in children and presents symptoms like itchy and dry skin, reports the National Health Service.

Rashes also manifest as symptoms of many bacterial infections or diseases like impetigo and scarlet fever, informs eMedicineHealth. Symptoms of impetigo are blisters and an itchy rash that forms crusts. The rash associated with scarlet fever is red and covers most of the body except for the palms and soles.

Many viral diseases, such as chickenpox, measles, rubella, Fifth disease, roseola infantum and coxsackie virus, also have symptoms that include rashes, according to eMedicineHealth.

Though not common, petechiae or purpura, which are red pinpoint dots that may appear on a child's body, can manifest as the result of ruptured blood vessels under the skin, according to Ask Dr. Sears. Because this rash-like condition may be a sign of bleeding, it requires immediate attention and parents should either consult with their doctors or visit the emergency room

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