What Are Some Common Problems That Occur Following Hernia Surgery?


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Common post-surgical complications following hernia surgery include bleeding, difficulty urinating, wound infection, groin numbness and recurrent hernia, according to UpToDate. Additional problems can include bruising and shrunken testicles. Complications with hernia surgery are more common after emergent surgical repair than elective surgery.

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Pain is the most common complication after hernia surgery. It occurs due to nerve entrapment, infection or reaction to the mesh used in the procedure, states UCLA Health. The pain experienced can be severe enough to affect the patient’s job performance and activities of daily living.

Recurrent hernias are common when the surgeon uses stitches rather than synthetic plastic mesh in closing the incision, reports WebMD. The mesh patches up the weakness and allows the tension to spread across the lower abdominal wall, allowing for normal movement. The limitation of using mesh is that it increases the risk of wound infection.

Symptoms pointing to complications include failure of the patient to urinate after several hours, a high fever of more than 101°Fahrenheit, discharge, bleeding, swelling in the inguinal region, and pain that doesn’t respond to medication. Respiratory problems related to the anesthesia used during surgery can also occur. When any of these conditions appear, the patient should notify the surgeon immediately, advises HealthCommunities.com.

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