What Are Common Problems With FitBit?

common-problems-fitbit Credit: Guillermo Murcia/Moment Mobile/Getty Images

Common problems with Fitbit include charging issues, failure of the tracker to sync , poor band fitting, poor activity recognition and high costs. Other problems include lack of automation, limited messaging, slowness and inefficiency.

A faulty USB port or a dirty charger contact can cause the Fitbit to charge erratically. The tracker fails to sync with the Fitbit app for android when the Bluetooth function is off or when trying to sync with an unsupported device. The wrist band is difficult to fasten when putting on the Fitbit, especially for the first time. If the Fitbit is not fitted with an effective algorithm, the device may fail to recognize different activities.

The cost of purchasing and shipping the Fitbit can be high. Additionally, its accessories are not easily available and it can take several months to access some of the more unique accessories that go with it.

Lack of notion of location and time zones causes the Fitbit to be inaccurate in recording movement data. The messaging interface is limited as it only shows incoming messages thus creating inconvenience to the user. The Fitbit is limited to data recording and analysis and does not offer any features to aid in actual weight loss.