What Are the Most Common Pre-Stroke Signs?


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Common warning signs of stroke include blurry vision, difficulty speaking, a weak arm or leg, dizziness and loss of balance. Other signs of stroke are severe headaches, a droopy face, fatigue and mental changes, according to Health.com.

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Face drooping is one of the most common symptoms of stroke. Experts recommend asking a person to smile if he suspects a stroke, and an uneven smile is a clear indicator of stroke. Arm weakness or numbness is another sign of stroke, and if an individual cannot raise both arms without at least one arm drifting downward, then he may be experiencing a stroke. Additionally, speech difficulty or slurred speech is a common symptom of a stroke, and individuals who experience difficulty repeating simple sentences, such as "It is a beautiful day," may be undergoing stroke, reports the American Heart Association.

Vision problems, such as loss of vision in one eye or blurred or double vision, can also indicate stroke. Intoxication can cause dizziness or difficulty walking, but these symptoms can be early indicators of stroke. Although more common in women, severe headache often precedes stroke, especially among younger individuals. Additionally, fatigue and altered mental status commonly indicates stroke, with approximately 23 percent of women and 15 percent of men demonstrating an altered mental status prior to a stroke, states Health.com.

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