What Are the Most Common Pick-up Lines Used Around the World?


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The most common pick-up lines around the world are "How you doin'' and asking the person of interest if the seat next to her is taken. In addition, common pick-up lines include asking a woman if it hurt when she fell from heaven, and telling a woman that she is cuter than her girlfriends.

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The "How you doin'" pick-up line has been popular since a fictional character frequently used the line on the television show "Friends." The Joey character on the show prides himself on his womanizing ways, and he often uses the line to express interest in a woman.

Another common pick-up line used around the world is to ask the person if the seat next to them is available. Then, if the person responds in a friendly way, the inquirer can sit by the person and start a conversation.

The pick-up line that inquires if a woman fell from heaven implies that she is an angel. This pick-up line is particularly effective if the person has a readily apparent, physical injury. A similar pick-up line is to express amazement that angels fly so low to earth.

If a person of interest is in a group of people of the same sex, a common pick-up line is to tell her that she is cuter than her friends. This pick-up line is meant to flatter the person hearing the line. Another good approach is to tell her that she appears interesting, and that it is intriguing to have a conversation with such an interesting person.

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