What are some common physical characteristics of children with autism?


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Physical characteristics of children with autism include wider eyes, a broad upper face and a wider mouth, according to CBS News. Children with more pronounced facial differences typically exhibit more severe symptoms of autism than those with milder physical traits. Other physical dysmorphologies typical of autism include deeply set eyes, prominent ears and abnormal hair whorls, according to Spectrum News.

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Additional physical characteristics typical of children with autism include the use of unusual body language that leads to communication failure, according to Autism Speaks. Children with autism may use movements, gestures and facial expressions that do not correspond to the message they are trying to convey. Commonly, autistic children maintain an unusually expressionless face. Methods for dealing with these communicative and behavioral difficulties exist and have been proven to produce results.

Other physical characteristics that children with autism typically exhibit include repetitive body movements such as pacing, twisting, spinning or hand flicking, according to WebMD. Children with autism may indulge in repetitive action while transfixed by everyday objects or concepts. Another physical characteristic common to children with autism is insensitivity to pain, particularly temperature. Children with autism may not respond to cold or heat and have little fear of dangerous or painful stimuli.

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