What Are Some Common Pharmaceutical Drugs Covered by Medicare?

What Are Some Common Pharmaceutical Drugs Covered by Medicare?

As of 2015, the Medicare Part D formulary covers a range of drugs, including Actos, Sensipar, Yasmin, Clarinex and Crestor, reports Q1 Medicare. Medicare has several drug coverage plans, and each organizes eligible medications, known as formularies, into a number of tiers, the organization's website explains.

The Medicare Part D formulary also includes Nexium, Valcyte, Differin, Diovan and Femara, Q1 Medicare notes. Additional drugs in the tier include Vigamox, Arimidex, Depakote, Endocet and Januvia.

Medicare Part B covers a restricted range of outpatient prescription drugs in limited circumstances, Medicare.gov explains. These include injectable blood clotting factors, erythropoiesis-stimulating agents, immunosuppressive drugs, particular types of antigens and certain oral end-stage renal disease medications. The plan also covers drugs that require the use of certain durable medical equipment, such as those given using a nebulizer; most infused and injectable medications; certain forms of enteral and parenteral nutrition; and intravenous immune globulin.

Medicare Part B additionally covers oral cancer drugs and the oral anti-nausea drugs administered during anti-cancer chemotherapy, Medicare.gov notes. The plan also covers tetanus, flu, pneumococcal and hepatitis B vaccination shots.

In general, medications in lower tiers cost less than those in higher levels, explains Medicare.gov. In certain circumstances, patients may qualify for exceptions that allow them to acquire drugs in higher tiers at lower prices.