What Are Some Common Personality Traits of a Pastor's Wife?


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A pastor's wife typically has a friendly and welcoming personality, is concerned about eternal truths rather than material objects in the world, and loves Jesus. She should be the pastor's biggest supporter and respectful toward him in public.

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John Angell James listed piety and prudence as a pastor's wife's most important personality traits in his 1822 article "Christian Fellowship." The ideal pastor's wife has an ardent, conspicuous piety that makes her the holiest and most spiritual person in the congregation. She displays prudence by willingly living in any situation so her husband can serve the church, no matter what luxuries she must give up to do so. She finds joy in things that she cannot buy with money.

A pastor's wife avoids gossip and speaking badly about congregation members, and she does not allow others to speak badly about congregation members. She does not betray secrets and remains dignified. She also displays kindness, meekness, affability and affection. She has a genuine love for people, even those who are hard to love.

The pastor's wife's strengths should complement her husband's weaknesses. Together, the pastor and his wife are a strong team. She remains faithful and committed to both her husband and the church during trying times.

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