What Are Some Common Personality Traits of Alcoholics?


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Common personality traits of alcoholics include anxiety or fear, perfectionism, self-pity, low self-esteem and shame, according to The Alcoholism Guide. Other common characteristics are feelings of guilt, a low tolerance for negative feelings or situations, impulsive behavior, blaming and dependence.

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Alcoholics often have general feelings of anxiety or worry over nothing in particular, notes The Alcoholism Guide. They may also suffer from an inferiority complex and feel worthless. Alcoholics may believe that there’s something wrong with them, which causes them to feel ashamed. They may also experience continuous feelings of guilt and often blame others for their shortcomings.

Some people believe that these traits come about after alcohol addiction, not before, states The Alcoholism Guide. In this case, the addiction brings about a psychological effect that alters an individual’s personality. Research on the subject of personality and alcoholism is ongoing.

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