What Are Some of the Most Common Pediatric Diseases?


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Common pediatric diseases include chickenpox, ear infections and croup, according to WebMD. Although vaccinations prevent chickenpox, ear infections and croup often clear up on their own within a few days.

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Chickenpox is an illness that causes an itchy rash and blisters all over the skin, explains Group Health Cooperative. While not usually serious in healthy children, kids with chickenpox should stay home from school, as the disease is contagious.

Croup is an illness known for the hacking cough it produces. Croup often improves on its own, but if the child experiences difficulty breathing he may need to see a doctor, notes WebMD.

When a child has an ear infection, the most common symptom is an earache, reports Group Health Cooperative. Although ear infections cause pain and sometimes mild fever, most clear up on their own.

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