What Are Common Oral Dosages of Benzonatate?


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Common oral dosages of benzonatate for adults and children over 10 is 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams three times daily as needed for cough relief, states Drugs.com. Benzonatate is non-narcotic, but it is unknown whether it is safe for children under age 10. Benzonatate tablets need to be swallowed whole.

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Benzonatate, marketed as Tessalon Perles, works in the lungs and airway to suppress the cough reflex, which relieves coughing, notes Drugs.com. Anyone who is allergic to medicines such as procaine and tetracaine, or any ingredient in benzonatate, must not take benzonatate. No specific interactions with benzonatate are known, as of 2015. Side effects are rare, but include confusion, shortness of breath, difficulty speaking or breathing, and hallucinations.

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