What Are Some Common Nursing Diagnoses?


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Some common nursing diagnoses are intolerance to activity, acute pain and risk of infection, according to the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. Nursing diagnosis are patient health problems or the potential for health problems identified by nurses based on patient assessment, knowledge of disease processes and clinical judgment. Nursing diagnoses are used by nurses to construct a plan of care and evidence-based interventions designed to keep patients safe and comfortable.

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Intolerance to activity is a common nursing diagnosis given to patients who do not have the physiological or psychological energy required to perform the activities of daily living, explains NANDA. Activity intolerance can be related to generalized weakness, immobility, or an imbalance between oxygen supply and demand.

Acute pain is generally a subjective nursing diagnosis based on patients' own assessment of their pain levels, according to NANDA. In addition to delivering pain medications to alleviate acute pain, nurses are responsible for educating patients about non-pharmacological pain-reduction techniques, such as the use of mental imagery and relaxation exercises.

Risk for infection is a nursing diagnosis that refers to patients who are at increased risk of invasion by pathogenic microorganisms, explains NANDA. Increased risk for infection can be caused by a number of factors, including skin lesions, pharmaceutical agents and stasis of body fluids.

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