What Are Some Common Needs of the Elderly?


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Common needs of the elderly include a healthy diet, safety, medical care and assistance with mobility. The use of assistive devices such as higher toilet seats and handrails in the bathroom minimize risks of falling.

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Home care services are essential for the elderly who experience difficulties tending to their needs such as bathing and running errands. Elderly individuals who are prone to sitting for long durations may need personal care from caregivers to help reposition them to eliminate the risk of pressure sores or help them walk. Caregivers help the elderly with their medication and provide social support and rehabilitation services that enhance recover from injury or sickness. Medical care is essential for the elderly to manage existing medical conditions such as arthritis and prevent or control infections, as the risk of chronic diseases, disability and mental illnesses rises with age.

Assistance with mobility using equipment such as wheelchair ramps or installation of wider door wells eliminates the hassle of getting around. A healthy diet that consists of the right nutrients is critical, since the body’s ability to absorb some nutrients diminishes with age. Through dietary management, caregivers provide the elderly with appropriate nutrients in the right proportions to restore deficiencies in the body and help them enjoy a comfortable life.

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