What Are Some Common Mild Cerebral Palsy Symptoms?


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The symptoms of cerebral palsy vary, but the common mild symptoms have to do with movement and coordination problems. Disabilities may affect the entire body, or they may affect one limb or one side of the body. There can also be neurological problems associated with cerebral palsy, explains Mayo Clinic.

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Some of the movement and coordination problems include stiff or floppy muscles, spasticity, rigidity, ataxia and tremors, according to Mayo Clinic. Delays in reaching motor skills milestones, favoring one side of the body, difficulty walking, problems swallowing and difficulty speaking are other common symptoms.

Neurological symptoms include hearing and vision difficulties, intellectual disabilities, seizures, psychiatric conditions, and urinary incontinence, Mayo Clinic notes.

Cerebral palsy is often diagnosed at birth, but sometimes the signs of cerebral palsy might not be noticed until a child grows and moves more, often around 1 to 3 years old, according to WebMD.

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