What Are Some Common Melanoma Symptoms?


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Some common melanoma symptoms are a mole that changes, or the new development of a pigmented or unusual-appearing growth, states Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms are a bruise that does not heal or a streak of brown or black under a fingernail or toenail, states WebMD.

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A mole that indicates melanoma may have an asymmetrical shape or irregular border, states Mayo Clinic. It may also have many colors or an uneven color distribution. New growth in a mole that extends its diameter more than 6 millimeters can indicate melanoma as well.

Moles that evolve to have new symptoms also may indicate melanoma, states WebMD. Patients should watch for crusting, scaling, oozing, bleeding or erosion. Redness, swelling or new patches of color in the surrounding skin also indicate suspicion. Melanoma may also manifest as changes in sensation or consistency in moles. Patients should watch for softening or breaking of moles as well as a new onset of pain, tingling, burning or itching.

Melanomas most often develop on areas of the body that receive sun exposure, explains Mayo Clinic. These areas include the legs, arms, back and face. Melanomas most often develop in hidden areas, however, in patients with darker skin. These areas include the mouth, eye, scalp, genitals and between the toes.

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