What Are the Most Common Medical Questions?


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Common medical questions include topics like diets, asthma treatments, long-term effects of medicine and sun exposure, according to Cleveland Clinic. Some other common medical questions are if olive oil prevents heart disease, if cough syrups actually work and if sugar causes hyperactivity, notes Business Insider. Questions about the safety and maintenance of diet and weight rank as some of the most common medical questions as of 2015.

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The Cleveland Clinic reports that other common medical questions concern hearing and eyesight. For example, one common question involves the cost and maintenance of hearing aids. Cancer also ranks as a common concern in medical questions, with breast cancer awareness and inheritance being the most common. Other themes include those for pain management, such as from a bulging disc, child allergies, alternative therapies for migraines and causes of chronic fatigue.

Sugar effects upon diet also appear in the most commonly asked medical questions, according to Business Insider. For example, one popular question asks if sugary drinks lead to diabetes. In fact, drinking more than one sugary drink per day leads to an 83 percent increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Business Insider, like Cleveland Clinic, also reports questions on sun exposure and sunscreen to be popular. Other popular questions involve the effects of MSG, the fat content of nuts, walking versus running as exercise and the health benefits of wheat bread versus white bread.

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