What Are Some Common Medical Problems of the Feet?


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Ingrown toenails, corns and plantar warts are common medical problems related to the feet, notes Cleveland Clinic. While people can initiate treatment for these conditions at home, they should consult their doctors if the conditions exhibit signs of complications, such as infections or persistent pain.

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People with ingrown toenails suffer from pain, swelling, and in some cases, infection due to the edge of the nail growing into the soft tissue of the toe, states Cleveland Clinic. Pressure from shoes is the most common cause of ingrown toenails, though improperly trimmed nails, heredity and repeated trauma to the feet from exercises such as running can also cause the condition. Corns are buildups of hard skin that appear near protruding foot bones or between the toes. People can avoid corns by wearing shoes that fit properly, wearing shoes with a larger height or width around the toe, and by putting cushioned pad or insoles in their shoes.

Viral infections cause plantar warts, which look like calluses and appear singly or in clusters on the heel or the ball of the foot, according to Cleveland Clinic. Doctors do not know how the plantar wart virus spreads, though people may be able to prevent warts by not walking barefoot and avoiding direct contact with warts on another person.

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