What Are Some Common Medical Ailments in an 80-Year-Old Woman?


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Common health ailments in 80-year-old women include osteoporosis, macular degeneration, hearing loss, cognitive impairment and urinary incontinence, according to Everyday Health. Arthritis and glaucoma are further concerns.

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Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weaker and break more easily, which becomes even more of a concern because older adults have balance issues, says Everyday Health. While osteoporosis has no symptoms, a bone density test can analyze the health of a woman's bones. Women are more at risk than men because females have less bone density to start with and lose bone mass more rapidly when they age.

Macular degeneration leads to blurry vision, and people 75 and older are particularly at risk for developing it, according to Everyday Health. Regular eye exams can catch it early. Hearing loss includes presbycusis, in which a person gradually loses her ability to hear high-pitched sounds. It also includes noise-induced loss, which happens after long-term exposure to loud noises. Older adults commonly struggle with hearing "S," other high-pitched consonants, and women's and children's voices. A hearing aid can help.

Cognitive impairment is not Alzheimer's, but it is still a serious issue affecting people 65 and older, says Everyday Health. People with mild versions get tripped up paying bills and following tasks with multiple steps. Urinary incontinence tends to first appear in women older than 50, as their pelvic muscles become weaker.

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