What Are Some Common Injection Sites?


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There are four sites that are appropriate for injections, the deltoid muscle, vastus lateralis muscle, ventrogluteal muscle and dorsogluteal muscle, according to About.com. Patients should use the injection site that the doctor recommends for each medication.

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The deltoid muscle is one site for injections, and it is just above the elbow in the upper arm, explains About.com. To find the right site, the patient can place the palm of the hand on the shoulder, and then spread the thumb away from the other four fingers to make an upside down V-shape. The injection goes in the middle of the V. The vastus lateralis muscle is in the thigh, and to find the right location, the patient should divide the thigh into thirds, and then put the needle into the middle third.

Another site location is the ventrogluteal muscle, which is in the hip, states About.com. To mark the site, the patient must lie on the back, and another person must place the heel of the hand on the hip to line up with the thigh. The thumb must point to the groin and the fingers to the head, and then the person must spread the middle and pointer fingers into a V-shape, and then give the injection between the V. The dorsogluteal muscle is the large muscle of the backside, and to give an injection here, the person must divide one buttock into quadrants, and give the injection in the upper, outer quadrant, closest to the hip.

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