What Are Some Common Household Treatments for Pancreatitis?


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Some home treatment options for pancreatitis include quitting drinking, quitting smoking, taking plenty of fluids and eating a low-fat diet. These measures work best if one has already sought medical attention. Also, one needs to follow their doctor's advice in order to ensure quick recovery from the condition.

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Many people may find it hard to quit taking alcohol on their own. If this is the situation, it is necessary to seek the help of a doctor. Quitting smoking will also help to manage pancreatitis. Counseling and medications can help a person in stopping this habit. Eating healthily by avoiding food with high fat content and taking more fruits and vegetables can make a difference. This condition can lead to dehydration, so taking plenty of fluids can help.

A person can either experience acute or chronic pancreatitis. In many people, this condition is commonly caused by the use of alcohol. Other possible causes include gallstones, trauma, surgery, metabolic disorders and certain medications, as stated by WebMD. Any person can experience this condition, but people with higher risk are those who have gallstones and heavy alcohol drinkers. Acute pancreatitis is commonly cause by gallstones, which blocks the pancreatic duct. Chronic pancreatitis is usually prevalent in men aged between 30 to 40, but it can also occur in women, as stated by WebMD.

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