What Are Some Common Health Problems for Older Black Men?


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Some common health problems that affect older black men are lung cancer and cancer treatment fatalities, according to WebMD. Black men smoke cigarettes less than white men, but are still 50 percent more likely to develop lung cancer. Black men have a 40-percent higher chance of dying as a result of cancer than white men. Black women also have a higher risk of cancer death than white women.

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Not only do African Americans have more lung cancer, but they also have more asthma and are three times more likely to die from asthma-related attacks than white Americans. They are also more likely to develop sarcoidosis.

Some other health problems that affect African American adults more than other races, though not necessarily men, are diabetes, lung scarring, stroke and high blood pressure, says WebMD. Black Americans have twice the risk of having a stroke than white Americans. There is also a considerably higher risk of high blood pressure, with 42 percent of men and 45 percent of women over 20 having high blood pressure. Black Americans have diabetes 60 percent more often than white Americans.

Environment, socioeconomic status and genes can all play a role in these health risks, notes WebMD. Treatments vary naturally from person to person, even though all races are born with the same basic physiology and vulnerabilities.

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