What Are Some Common Hand Tendon Injuries?


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Common hand tendon injuries include cuts and tears, according to OrthoInfo. The flexor tendons control movement of the hand and are near the surface of the skin. Deep cuts to the hand are likely to also cut the tendon.

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Tendons connect muscle to bone, reports OrthoInfo. The muscles that control the hand and digits are in the forearm. Contracting muscles pull the tendons on the inside of the fingers to cause them to curl and grasp objects. If the tendon is cut or torn completely, the individual is no longer able to bend the affected finger.

Tendons are under constant tension, like a stretched rubber band and when they are cut, the two sides of the cut retract, warns OrthoInfo. Unless the two ends are touching, they cannot heal. A cut tendon requires surgery to reattach the tendons so healing begins. Nerves and blood vessels often run adjacent to the tendons. A cut nerve results in a loss of feeling, while a cut blood vessel stops the flow of blood to the finger. The cut blood vessel requires immediate surgery.

With serious cuts to the hand, first aid includes icing the hand and wrapping it tightly in a bandage, advises OrthoInfo. Holding the hand above the heart also helps to control bleeding. Such injuries require immediate medical attention.

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