What Are Some Common Foot Problems?


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Common foot problems include hammertoes, blisters, bunions, mallet toes, ingrown toenails and athlete's foot, says Everyday Health. Athlete's foot results from a fungus that seeks out dark and moist places, such as the areas between the toes.

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Athlete’s foot can lead to skin inflammation, white-red rashes, burning, peeling and mild odors, according to Everyday Health. It can spread to other body parts and is best avoided by keeping feet and toes clean and dry. Regularly changing socks and shoes also helps. Antifungal creams and sprays are available over the counter, although a podiatrist may need to prescribe medication in some cases.

Shoes that do not fit well are a main cause of hammertoe, which refers to the bending of the toe joints in the second, third or fourth toes, says Everyday Health. Foot pads or inserts can help in early stages, but once toes become fixed, surgery is common. Corns and calluses are frequently found on hammertoes.

Poor-fitting shoes also often cause blisters, according to Everyday Health. Blisters should not be picked at, and a sewing needle can drain a blister. Antibiotic ointment and a bandage should be used after draining. Shoes that are too narrow may cause bunions, and surgery is a common remedy. Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are other common foot problems.

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