What Are Some Common Fears?

What Are Some Common Fears?

What Are Some Common Fears?

Common fears include flying, public places, heights, spiders, dogs and blood. While many people face their fears and overcome them, others live life paralyzed by their fears.

Many people experience some fears. These fears often stem from childhood experiences. Often the parent was afraid of the same thing and passed that fear along to their offspring.


Officially known as aerophobia, the fear of flying keeps some people grounded all the time. While 40 percent of people admit to having a slight fear of flying, in only about 6.5 percent of the population is this fear so strong that they will not fly.


Many people mistakenly call their fear of heights vertigo, but vertigo is a dizzy sensation that some get when looking down from a high place. The person who is afraid of heights is not going up in the first place. Scientists call this fear acrophobia.

Public Places

Some people are so paralyzed by being in public that they stay locked up in their houses for years. Scientists call this agoraphobia.