What Are Some Common Eye Strengthening Exercises?


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Eye strengthening exercises are designed to stimulate movement, focus and the vision center of the brain. Specific exercises include focusing and refocusing after changing from far to near, focusing while covering one eye and switching between two eyes, concentrating on one object and following a pattern while building vision muscles, states WebMD.

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Eye exercises gradually progress, with the therapy consisting of uniquely designed exercises for controlling the eye muscles. Consider using eye exercises to alleviate symptoms such as blurred vision, light sensitivity and eyestrain. Doctors also prescribe eye exercises when patients have certain conditions such as lazy eye, crossed eyes and double vision. Other abnormal conditions include eyes drifting outward or inward and poor 3D vision, says WebMD.

Although eye exercises do not guarantee relief of symptoms, doctors still recommend eye exercises for patients with abnormal conditions. Those who develop eye issues as children, such as decreased vision while favoring one eye over the other, also benefit from wearing an eye patch and other treatment options. Eye exercises are not effective for nearsightedness, excessive blinking or squinting and dyslexia. Other conditions that eye exercises do not help include eye paralysis, muscle spasms and some other eye vision issues, according to WebMD.

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