What Are Some Common Eye Problems?


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Common eye problems include dry eyes, presbyopia, cataracts and tearing, states WebMD. Eye problems can affect people of all ages, but they are more common as people age.

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Cataracts occur from the formation of cloudy areas in the eye lens, causing impaired vision, as the light does not get through the lens as easily as it should, explains WebMD. Clouded vision can make it difficult for a person to drive or read, especially at night, notes Mayo Clinic. Eyeglasses can help a patient with this condition, but in severe cases, the patient may require cataract surgery.

Presbyopia is an inability for the eye to clearly see small print or close objects, and the patient may not notice the condition until the age of 40, reports WebMD. With time, the lenses lose flexibility, making them unable to change shape and bend the light properly to focus the light on the retina, says Healthline.

The inability of the tear glands to produce quality and enough tears can cause dry eyes, states WebMD. This condition can cause burning, itching or loss of vision. Additionally, being sensitive to wind, light or temperature changes can cause tearing. This condition can occur from a blocked duct or an eye infection.

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