What Are Some Common Eye Conditions?


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Conditions that commonly affect eyes include dry eyes, presbyopia, tearing and glaucoma, according to WebMD. Retinal disorders, floaters, conjunctivitis, cataracts and temporal arteritis are other conditions that commonly affect eyes.

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Dry eyes is a condition in which there an insufficient amount of tears is produced in the eyes as a result of underproduction of tears by the tear glands, notes WebMD. Typically, the symptoms of dry eyes include an itching and burning sensation in the eyes. In some cases, patients with dry eyes may lose vision if they fail to receive early treatment. Treatment options for dry eyes include eye drops to top up the amount of tears in the eyes and insertion of plugs into the eyes to enhance tear retention.

Presbyopia is an eye condition in which a person cannot see nearby objects, states WebMD. One common solution to presbyopia is to use prescription eyeglasses. Tearing refers to overproduction of tears as a result of a reaction to light, changes in temperature, an eye infection or a blockage in the tear duct, among other causes. One way to address eye tearing is to wear sunglasses, which form a physical barrier between the eyes and whatever causes the tearing.

Glaucoma refers to accumulation of pressure in the eyes, explains WebMD. It may result from, among other conditions, eye injury, blockage of eye blood vessels and eye inflammation.

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