Is It Common to Experience Menopause After Hysterectomy?

If a surgeon removes both of a woman's ovaries when he removes her uterus during a hysterectomy, she experiences surgical menopause, according to WebMD. If one or both ovaries remain, she does not enter menopause until she is older.

A woman experiences surgical menopause suddenly after a surgeon removes both ovaries in a procedure called an oophorectomy, reports WebMD. Because there is no longer a source of estrogen production, menopause occurs. While a surgeon often removes both ovaries along with the uterus during a hysterectomy, in some cases he leaves one or both ovaries in place. A woman who retains one or both ovaries after a hysterectomy may experience menopause a bit earlier than usual but continues to have periods since the main source of estrogen is still present.