What Are Common Early Signs of Dementia?


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Common early signs of dementia include mild issues with short-term memories, difficulty forming correct thoughts and words, personality changes and mood fluctuations, and loss of interest in daily activities, according to Healthline. Early-stage dementia patients may also have trouble recognizing people and find themselves getting lost when traveling familiar routes.

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Additional symptoms of dementia include difficulty focusing, feelings of paranoia, irritation and coordination problems, explains Mayo Clinic. While Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, the condition can also occur as a result of a stroke or infection of the heart valve. Traumatic brain injuries and illnesses such as Huntington's disease can also cause symptoms of dementia, adds Mayo Clinic.

Treatment for dementia depends on the specific cause and stage of the condition, explains WebMD. In most cases, dementia is not reversible, however, if symptoms are caused by an underlying medical condition, treating the condition may help to relieve certain symptoms. For example, if symptoms are caused by a brain tumor or brain infection such as encephalitis, removing the tumor or treating the infection can minimize pressure on the brain, which in turn may help to decrease symptoms. While there is no cure for irreversible dementia, symptoms can often be managed with medications to balance out mood fluctuations, as well as professional counseling sessions that may help to provide support to patients with anxiety and emotional issues due to their condition.

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