What Are the Most Common Delivery Problems Experienced During Childbirth?


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Common delivery problems experienced during childbirth include breech births and premature births, reports WebMD. Complications can occur during delivery even if the mother did not experience any during pregnancy.

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A breech birth occurs when the baby's feet are delivered before the head. If a breech baby is too large for a safe vaginal birth, or if the baby shows signs of distress, the doctor is likely to recommend a C-section, explains Healthline. Most breech babies turn themselves before labor begins and are born healthy.

Premature birth poses significant danger to a baby, according to WebMD. If a baby is too immature to survive outside the womb, the body may not be able to create sufficient body heat to keep warm. Premature babies also have a risk of digestive problems, immature lungs and respiratory distress.

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