What Are Common Dating Customs in America?


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Some common dating customs in America, as of 2015, include going on casual dates before starting a relationship and making the first date somewhat like an interview of the other person. It is during the first date when each person determines if they are compatible with each other, and whether their date is someone they should continue pursuing.

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As opposed to some other countries, a date in America is typically not supervised by other adults. It often includes having a meal together or seeing a movie for teenagers, or having drinks and dinner for adults. The term "date" can also have multiple meanings for people in America, since it is sometimes referred to as the start of a potential romantic relationship, but can also refer to simple social encounters that are more casual and platonic outings at special events.

When it comes to asking for a romantic date, most Americans either want to be asked out in person or with a phone call. They tend to not like being asked out on a date through a text message.

It is not uncommon for people in America to move in together sooner than in other countries. Living together in the same home is often done by Americans before getting married. The common age range for people to get married in America is between 26 and 30.

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