What Are Some Common Cures or Treatments for Yellow Jacket Stings?


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For most people, a yellow jacket sting can be treated at home using an ice pack and antihistamine to reduce inflammation and swelling, according to MultiCare. If hives appear shortly after being stung on or near the site of the sting, the person should be watched very closely for any signs of difficulty breathing. While most people are not allergic to yellow jackets, some are.

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MultiCare advises those who are allergic to yellow jacket stings to carry an epinephrine shot with them any time they are out where the yellow-striped insects could be present. If someone who's just been stung is having trouble breathing or is wheezing, the epinephrine shot must be administered and immediate medical attention must be sought.

Most people only have a minor reaction to a yellow jacket sting. However, if someone is allergic to yellow jacket stings, treatment should be sought with an allergist to help desensitize the person to future stings. Even when someone is allergic, the chance of a serious reaction to a sting is about 50 percent. Through desensitization therapy consisting in a series of shots, patients can have their risk of a serious reaction brought down from 50 percent to 10 percent, according to MultiCare.

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