What Are Some Common Complaints About the ZQuiet Mouthpiece?


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Some of the common complaints about the ZQuiet mouthpiece include the mouthpiece causing pain and discomfort, affecting sleep, and not fitting very well, according to HighYa. These complaints are prevalent despite a number of other users stating that the mouthpiece is very effective and reduces snoring and night time interruptions.

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Other common complaints about the mouthpiece focus on adverse side effects of using the product, and sometimes include complaints about the product not fitting correctly, tenderness of the tongue, excessive salivation and loosening of the teeth, according to a report by 101 Sleep Solutions. The majority of adverse side effects manifest because the ZQuiet mouthpiece is available in one size only and does not fit irregular jaw lines, which are common in people with snoring problems. However, in some cases, the adverse side effects dissipate with time and regular use of the product.

In addition, users complain about the company itself, particularly about the slow or nonexistent response from the customer service department, reports HighYa. Users report finding it difficult to return the item or cancel the free trial, despite the company’s marketed free trial program. However, this complaint is not universal, and some reviewers are very pleased with the company’s communication and the customer interaction process.

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