What Are Some Common Complaints With Flexoprin?

What Are Some Common Complaints With Flexoprin?

Some common complaints regarding Flexoprin include lack of information on ingredients, lack of positive customer feedback, no satisfaction guarantee on purchases and no citation of clinical trials. Flexoprin is commonly presented as a revolutionary way of treating bursitis, according to Joint Health Magazine.

Manufacturers of Flexoprin claim that the supplement is able to provide instant relief from pain associated with areas such as shoulders, knees and elbows, notes Joint Health Magazine. Individuals who decide to take this supplement are required to take two pills each day.

A common complaint regarding this supplement is that manufacturers have not disclosed the exact ingredients in the pills. The company simply states that it has scientifically tested compounds that work to relieve patients of pain. However, most health experts encourage people to go through the list of ingredients to know whether a product is safe or not.

Flexoprin is available for sale through the Internet. However, there is no guarantee of satisfaction after purchase. This means those who buy this product have no way of holding the manufacturer accountable if it does not produce any positive results.

While most drugs or supplements on the market have citations of clinical trials, there are no direct citations related to Flexoprin.